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Twig Components / Methods / url_decode

url_decode is a Twig filter to decode a given URL-encoded string, replacing any %## encoding in the given string. Plus symbols ('+') are decoded to a space character. This filter does the opposite of Twig's built-in url_encode filter.

{{ "Mot%C3%B6rhead%20and%20Mg%C5%82a%20are%20cool"|url_decode }}

=> Motörhead and Mgła are cool

It works both on plain strings, as well as encoded arrays of URL parameters:

{% set params = {'param1': 'value', 'foo': 'bar', 'qux': 'Motörhead and Mgła are cool'} %}

{{ dump(params) }}
{{ dump(params|url_encode) }}
{{ dump(params|url_encode|url_decode) }}

Note: If you're simply trying to get a parameter from the URL, you might want to use the built-in app.request instead. For example: {{ app.request.get('foo') }}.

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