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Twig Components / Methods / trim

trim(characterMask = null, side = "both") is a Twig filter to strip whitespace (or other characters) from the beginning and end of a string.

{{ '  I like Twig.  '|trim }}

{# outputs 'I like Twig.' #}

{{ '  I like Twig.'|trim('.') }}

{# outputs '  I like Twig' #}

{{ '  I like Twig.  '|trim(side='left') }}

{# outputs 'I like Twig.  ' #}

{{ '  I like Twig.  '|trim(' ', 'right') }}

{# outputs '  I like Twig.' #}

Note: Internally, Twig uses the PHP trim, ltrim, and rtrim functions.


  • character_mask: The characters to strip
  • side: The default is to strip from the left and the right (both) sides, but left and right will strip from either the left side or right side only

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