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Twig Components / Methods / form_widget

form_widget(form_view, variables) is a Twig function to render the HTML widget of a given field. If you apply this to an entire form or collection of fields, each underlying form row will be rendered.

{# render a widget, but add a "foo" class to it #}
{{ form_widget(form.name, {'attr': {'class': 'foo'}}) }}

The second argument to form_widget() is an array of variables. The most common variable is attr, which is an array of HTML attributes to apply to the HTML widget. In some cases, certain types also have other template-related options that can be passed. These are discussed on a type-by-type basis. The attributes are not applied recursively to child fields if you’re rendering many fields at once (e.g. form_widget(form)).

See Form Variables Reference to learn more about the variables argument.

Source: Forms

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