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Twig Components / Methods / language_name

language_name(locale = null) is a Twig filter to return the language name given its two-letter code:

{# German #}
{{ 'de'|language_name }}

By default, the filter uses the current locale. You can pass it explicitly:

{# allemand #}
{{ 'de'|language_name('fr') }}

{# français canadien #}
{{ 'fr_CA'|language_name('fr_FR') }}

Note: The `language_name filter` is part of the IntlExtension which is not installed by default. Install it first:

$ composer require twig/intl-extra

Then, on Symfony projects, install the twig/extra-bundle:

$ composer require twig/extra-bundle

Otherwise, add the extension explicitly on the Twig environment:

use Twig\Extra\Intl\IntlExtension;

$twig = new \Twig\Environment(...);
$twig->addExtension(new IntlExtension());


  • locale: The locale

Source: Twig

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