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Twig Components / Methods / select_options

select_options(field) is a Twig function to return an array of all options of the select field. Each array contains the key, value and a selected flag for the select option. Note the select_options() function should only be called with instances of select fields.

Example output of select_options(field)

array:3 [▼
    0 => array:3 [▶
        "key" => "milk"
        "value" => "Milk"
        "selected" => false
    1 => array:3 [▶
        "key" => "cake"
        "value" => "Cake"
        "selected" => true
    2 => array:3 [▶
        "key" => "egg"
        "value" => "Egg"
        "selected" => false

For more select fields, check out the Select field page.

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