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Twig Components / Methods / locales

locales(localeCodes = null, all = false) is a Twig function to take the list of codes of the locales ( languages) enabled in the application and returns an array with the name of each locale written in its own language ( e.g. English, Français, Español, etc.).

{% for locale in locales() %}
        {{ locale.emoji }}
        {{ locale.flag }}
        {{ locale.code }}
        {{ locale.name }}
        {{ locale.localizedname }}
        {{ locale.link }}
        {{ locale.current }}
{% endfor %}

Will output something like:

<p>🇬🇧 gb en English English {{ link-to-translated-page }} 1</p> <!-- 1 because current is truthy -->

<p>🇳🇱 nl nl Dutch Nederlands {{ link-to-translated-page }}</p>

<p>🇯🇵 jp ja Japanese 日本語 {{ link-to-translated-page }}</p>

<p>🇳🇴 no nb Norwegian Bokmål norsk bokmål {{ link-to-translated-page }}</p>

Please refer to the locales documentation.

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