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Twig Components / Methods / order

order(on = "-publishedAt", onSecondary = null, locale = null) is a Twig filter to reorder the results of {% setcontent %} or {{ record|related() }}.

Parameter Description
on optional The first field to order on. Appending a - will result in descending order. Default is -publishedAt
onSecondary optional If two records have the same on order, this is used to determine the appropriate order.
locale optional Order by the on or onSecondary value in the given locale. Default is the current locale.
{% set relatedrecords = record|related() %}
<p class="meta">Related content:
    {% for related in relatedrecords|order('publishedAt') %}
        <li><a href="{{ related|link }}">{{ related.title }}</a></li>
    {% endfor %}


{# get the 10 latest entries by date, but sort them on the title and subtitle fields #}
{% setcontent entries = "entries" latest limit 10 %}

{% for entry in entries|order('title', 'subtitle') %}
    <li><a href="{{ entry|link }}">{{ entry.title }}</a></li>
{% endfor %}

Note: Ordering with the `order`-filter is case sensitive. This means that 'banana' will come before 'Apple'. If you're sorting on a title or name field and this case sensitivity is undesirable, you can use `|order('slug')` instead. The slug is always lowercase, so this will normalize the ordering.

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