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Twig Components / Methods / trans

trans(arguments = [], domain = null, locale = null, count = null) is a Twig filter to translate variable texts and complex expressions.

{{ message|trans }}

{{ message|trans({'%name%': 'Fabien'}, 'app') }}

Using the translation tags or filters have the same effect, but with one subtle difference: automatic output escaping is only applied to translations using a filter. In other words, if you need to be sure that your translated message is not output escaped, you must apply the raw filter after the translation filter:

{# text translated between tags is never escaped #}
{% trans %}
{% endtrans %}

{% set message = '<h3>foo</h3>' %}

{# strings and variables translated via a filter are escaped by default #}
{{ message|trans|raw }}
{{ '<h3>bar</h3>'|trans|raw }}

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