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HOWTOs / Resetting a password

So you forgot a password? There are two ways to fix this.

Login page

Bolt supports password resets from the login page. Just click I forgot my password ... and follow the instructions. The user will receive an e-mail with a new password. Note that this is a shadow password, the current active password will stay active until the shadow password is used. This means you can't just reset a random user's password without his or her interaction.


Bolt also supports password resets from the command line utility Console. Use bin/console bolt:reset-password and provide the username or e-mail address of the user. Bolt will immediately set a new random password and print it to you. Unlike with the login page, no e-mail is sent and a shadow password is not used.

Customizing the email

Bolt allows customizing the email through configuration. In your config.yaml file, search the (self-explanatory) section reset_password_settings.

For full cusomization, you can decorate ResetPasswordController through Symfony's container.

# config/services.yaml
    # this replaces the old Bolt's ResetPasswordController definition with the new one
        decorates: Bolt\Controller\Backend\ResetPasswordController

Now do something useful with your new class:



namespace App\Controller\Backend;

use Bolt\Controller\Backend\ResetPasswordController as BoltResetPasswordController;
use Symfony\Component\Mime\Email;

class ResetPasswordController extends BoltResetPasswordController

    protected function buildResetEmail($config, $user, $resetToken): Email
        $email = parent::buildResetEmail($config, $user, $resetToken);

        $email->subject("Something really dynamic fetched from ... database, maybe?");

        return $email;


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