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Twig Components / Methods / data_uri

data_uri(mime = null, parameters = []) is a Twig filter to generate a URL using the data scheme as defined in RFC 2397:

{{ image_data|data_uri }}

{{ source('path_to_image')|data_uri }}

{# force the mime type, disable the guessing of the mime type #}
{{ image_data|data_uri(mime="image/svg") }}

{# also works with plain text #}
{{ '<b>foobar</b>'|data_uri(mime="text/html") }}

{# add some extra parameters #}
{{ '<b>foobar</b>'|data_uri(mime="text/html", parameters={charset: "ascii"}) }}


The data_uri filter is part of the HtmlExtension which is not installed by default. Install it first:

$ composer require twig/html-extra

Then, on Symfony projects, install the twig/extra-bundle:

$ composer require twig/extra-bundle

Otherwise, add the extension explicitly on the Twig environment:

use Twig\Extra\Html\HtmlExtension;

$twig = new \Twig\Environment(...);
$twig->addExtension(new HtmlExtension());


The filter does not perform any length validation on purpose (limit depends on the usage context), validation should be done before calling this filter.


  • mime: The mime type
  • parameters: An array of parameters

Source: Twig

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