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Twig Components / Pagination

Note: You are currently reading the documentation for Bolt 4.0. Looking for the documentation for Bolt 5.2 instead?

You can use the {{ pager }} tag to create pagination elements for your visitors to navigate between the different pages of a listing.

{{ pager(records) }}

Splits records into pages with a pager using the an optional template, class and surround.

Argument Description
records The content records to build the pager for.
template The relative path to the template used to generate the pager. The template must be located under /templates. Default value is "helpers/_pager_basic.html.twig"
class An optional class parameter passed to the template. Default is pagination.
surround The amount of items to show around the 'current' one. "3" by default.
{{ pager(blogposts, template = 'helpers/_pager_basic.html.twig', 'awesome-posts', 5) }}

You can define the template used for the pager yourself, or use one of the default ones:

Argument Description
helpers/_pager_basic.html.twig A basic pager, without much opinionated styling
helpers/_pager_bootstrap.html.twig Works well, if you're building a theme based on Bootstrap
helpers/_pager_bulma.html.twig Works well, if you're building a theme based on Bulma

If you wish to create your own template, you can copy one of the above from vendor/bolt/core/templates/helpers/ to your own theme's template folder.

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