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Field Types / Templateselect field

Note: You are currently reading the documentation for Bolt 4.0. Looking for the documentation for Bolt 5.2 instead?

Allows setting a template to use when rendering a specific record. This will allow the record creator to specify any template inside the root folder of the current theme with a file name that does not begin with an underscore. If a specific template is not chosen in the record editor, the record will be rendered with the default template for that ContentType.

A templateselect field is not meant for use inside Sets or Collection fields. If you do use it, the (potentially multiple) Templateselect fields will not affect which template Bolt uses to render the record, but they can still be used by the theme developer in the theme.

Basic Configuration:

            type: templateselect

Example usage in templates:

{{ record.template }}


The field has the options to change which templates are shown from the current theme folder. By default these are all files ending in .twig, but don't start with an underscore (_). So, a file like _partial_menu.twig isn't shown.

Using the filter options, you can provide a glob pattern that decides which templates to show. For example: to only match twig templates that start with the word "pages" you can do this:

            type: templateselect
            filter: 'pages*.twig'

Alternatively, you can set this to a regular expression:

            type: templateselect
            filter: '/^[^_].*twig$/'

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