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Twig Components / Extras (or "Magic Attributes")

Note: You are currently reading the documentation for Bolt 4.0. Looking for the documentation for Bolt 5.2 instead?

Bolt comes with a few convenient features for accessing data in Records, that are implemented as Twig filters.

These so-called Extras or Magic Attributes can be used on a Record of any ContentType, regardless of its definition. This makes them well suited to produce output, even when you (as a template developer) might not know what the final ContentType looks like.


{{ record|excerpt(100) }}
=> Exercitationem voluptatem provident. Eos ex ut nulla sapiente. Placeat labore quo est excepturi pl…

You can use the following extras on any Record:

Name Description
title The title of the record. This can be, but is not not necessarily the same as {{ record.title }}. The main difference is that {{ record|title }} always gives a meaningful result. The title is composed by looking at the title_format setting in the contenttypes.yaml file for that ContentType, and otherwise by looking for common field names for a title, across different languages.
image Select the first Image found in this Record, regardless of the name of the Image field. See below for an example.
excerpt A short excerpt of the Record. Pass in a parameter, to limit the length of the output. For example: {{ record.excerpt(100) }}.
link An (absolute) link to the current record. Use {{ record|link(true) }} to output a full canonical link, including the scheme and domain name.
icon The icon used for this ContentType. This is used, for example, in the Bolt Backend to show icons for ContentTypes.
name The (plural) name of the Contenttype this Record is from, like Pages or Entries.
singular_name The singular name of the Contenttype this Record is from, like Page or Entry.
editLink When the user is currently logged on, this outputs a link to edit the current Record in the Bolt Backend.


To provide a convenient link to edit the current page for your editors, you can use this:

{% if record|editlink %}
  <a href="{{ record|editlink }}">Edit this page (№ {{ record.id }})</a>
{% endif %}

Get the first image from a Record:

{{ dump(record|image) }}

array:7 [▼
    "media" => 148
    "filename" => "stock/image_72139.jpg"
    "alt" => "Rerum veniam tempora at natus quos."
    "path" => "/files/stock/image_72139.jpg"
    "url" => ""
    "thumbnail" => "/thumbs/stock/image_72139.jpg?w=400&h=400&fit=crop"
    "fieldname" => "image"

You can see the values of all extras, using:

{{ dump(record.extras ) }}

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