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Other Information / Locales

Note: You are currently reading the documentation for Bolt 2.2. Looking for the documentation for Bolt 5.2 instead?

In the config.yml-file you can set the Locale to be used by Bolt. A locale is a set of parameters that defines the used language, country and any special variant preferences that are used in Bolt's frontend.

Currently, the locale settings are only used for date formatting on the Frontend and Backend of your site, but we're looking into adding localization features for other parts of the Frontend and the Backend as well.

The Locale setting is defined in the config.yml-file like this:

locale: en_GB

As you can see, the locale consists of two parts: The language part, and the country part. In some cases the codes are the same, like nl_NL for Dutch/Netherlands. In other cases they are different, like en_US for English/United States. Which values are supported depends on your server settings, so you might have to try which setting works best for you. Some common options are:

Locale   Language             Country
en_US    English              United States                    en   US
en_GB    English              Great Britain                    en   GB
it_IT    Italian              Italy                            it   IT
es_ES    Spanish              Spain                            es   ES
da_DK    Danish               Denmark                          da   DK
de_DE    German               Germany                          de   DE
el_GR    Greek                Greece                           el   GR
fr_FR    French               France                           fr   FR
it_IT    Italian              Italy                            it   IT
nl_NL    Dutch                Netherlands                      nl   NL
nb_NO    Norwegian Bokmål     Norway                           nb   NO
pl_PL    Polish               Poland                           pl   PL
pt_PT    Portuguese           Portugal                         pt   PT
ru_RU    Russian              Russian Federation               ru   RU
sv_SE    Swedish              Sweden                           sv   SE

A much longer list of possible options can be found here: List of Locales, languages and countrycodes.

Bolt's localdate() function and filter uses the setting from config.yml to set the language for the date formatting. For an overview of the options, see php.net's strftime page, and the documentation section on localdate().

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