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Field types / HTML

Note: You are currently reading the documentation for Bolt 2.2. Looking for the documentation for Bolt 5.2 instead?

A WYSIWYG HTML field. You can supply extra options to it to customize the behaviour and appearance.

Basic Configuration:

            type: html

Example usage in templates:

To print out the HTML field you just need to do in your templates:

{{ record.content }}


The field has a few options to change the appearance and functionality of the field.

  • allowtwig can be set to true or false to control if twig may be used in the field
  • options contains the options for the ckeditor wysiwyg editor. See below for an example and here for more info on possible options:
            type: html
                    height: 400
                    autoGrow_maxHeight: 400
                    autoGrow_onStartup: false
                    uiColor: '#BADA55'
                    autoGrow_minHeight: 300

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