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Other Information / Code Quality

Note: You are currently reading the documentation for Bolt 2.2. Looking for the documentation for Bolt 5.2 instead?

The larger a project gets, the harder it is to maintain a particular code quality and standard. Every developer has his own coding style and way of doing things. Although there must be enough space to not force people to do their work in the way the author(s) of bolt think it should, it's important to set particular bounds for people to operate within.

Dependency Management

The de-facto dependency management tool for Github projects is Composer We're not trying to re-invent the wheel, so when possible, we use established and proven libraries to support our development.

Code Standard

We aim to comply with PSR-2.


We use PHPUnit for unit testing, and Codeception for acceptance and functional testing.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Inspection

For automatically running our unit tests and checking against various PHP versions, we use Travis CI. The configuration is located in the .travis.yml file. The code standard, as well as some other helpful tools to get metrics about the codebase are run by Scrutinizer CI. The configuration is located in .scrutinizer.yml

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