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Extending / Bundled Extensions / Activation

Once your Bundle can be autoloaded, then one more step is needed to enable Bolt to load them.

To activate a Bundle, you need to add an extensions key to either your .bolt.yml or .bolt.php file in the root of your project, with the values being the Bundles you want Bolt to load. If you don't have one of these files already then starting by creating an empty .bolt.yml is the easiest way to get started.

Updating .bolt.yml or .bolt.phpΒΆ

An example using .bolt.yml:

    - BundleBaseNamespace\MyBundleExtension

To clarify, the value you put in the yml file is exactly what you would use to instantiate the class, so in code the above is equivalent to new \BundleBaseNamespace\MyBundleExtension()

.bolt.php allows for two different methods of loading, via strings:

return [
    'extensions' => [

or via class instances:


use BundleBaseNamespace\MyBundleExtension;

return [
    'extensions' => [
        new MyBundleExtension()
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