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Field Types / Text field

Simple text-input, for single-line fields.

Basic Configuration:

            type: text

Example usage in templates:

{{ record.name }}


The field has a few options to change the appearance and functionality of the field.

  • class Can be set to either of the:
    • narrow to make the field more narrow
    • large to make both the field and the font larger
  • allowtwig can be set to true or false to control if twig may be used in the field
  • variant set to inline to show the label next to the field instead of above it.
  • pattern Use this to validate the field against a certain pattern.

Input Sanitisation

All content in this field type will be sanitised before it gets inserted into the database. This means that only 'whitelisted' HTML like <b> and <img src="…"> is kept, while things like <embed> and <script> are scrubbed from the field before being stored. As a site-implementor you can control the whitelisted tags and attributes using the following section in config.yml:

    allowed_tags: [ div, span, p, br, hr, s, u, strong, em, i, b, li, ul, ol, …, … ]
    allowed_attributes: [ id, class, style, name, value, href, src, alt, title, …, … ]

By design, you can not disable the sanitation entirely. If you need to allow the editors to insert unfiltered HTML or javascript, use a type: textarea field instead.

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