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Extending / Intermediate / Back-end Menu Items

Note: You are currently reading the documentation for Bolt 3.4. Looking for the documentation for Bolt 4.0 instead?

Bolt allows extensions to insert items below the Extensions menu in the admin UI.

Bolt provides a helper function that will allow additional MenuEntry objects to be added to the admin UI menus when they are built in the Bolt\Menu\AdminMenuBuilder class.

Registering Menu EntriesΒΆ

Menu objects for registration can be created using a Bolt\Menu\MenuEntry class object.

    protected function registerMenuEntries()
        $menu = MenuEntry::create('koala-menu', 'koala')
            ->setLabel('Koala Catcher')

        return [

In the above example:

  • koala-menu parameter in the constructor is used internally and should just be a brief name, and only needs to be unique for submenus of Extend.
  • koala parameter in the constructor will set the route for the menu to be bolt/extend/koala (where branding path is still set to bolt/
  • setLabel('Koala Catcher') sets the displayed menu label in the left side bar to "Koala Catcher"
  • setIcon('fa:leaf') set the icon for the menu to any of the Font Awesome icons
  • setPermission('settings') sets the required permission, as defined in the app/config/permissions.yml file
  • setroute('KoalaExtension') sets the route to "KoalaExtension", which is used for generating paths and URLs, like in {{ path() }}. Strictly speaking this is optional, but we strongly recommend it, to prevent problems with the routing in non-trivial applications.

Note: Menu entries are mounted on extensions/, because they fall under Extensions, logically. When adding an accompanying route for a new menu item, make sure to catch it correctly. For the above example, it should match /extensions/koala.

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