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Field types » Geolocation field

A set of fields for easy selection of a geographic location. You can use the given address, the latitude, longitude, and the reverse geocoded address. To see the values that are stored, use {{ dump(page.geolocation) }}.

Tip: This field requires a `google_api_key` key to be set in the main config.

Basic Configuration:

            type: geolocation

Example usage in templates:

To insert a simple map from Google with a marker at the given location, use:

<img src="{{ record.location.latitude }},{{ record.location.longitude }}&zoom=14&size=617x300&sensor=false&markers={{ record.location.latitude }},{{ record.location.longitude }}">

More info about these static maps, can be found in the Static Maps API V2 Developer Guide. Of course, you can use the geolocation with any mapping service you like, since latitude and longitude is a common geographic coordinate system used by many services.

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