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Debugging » Dumping

If you're coding and you want to get a quick look at whatever variable or object you're trying to manipulate, you can dump its contents to the browser.

Note: Don't forget to set debug: true in your config.yml file. Otherwise the dump() will output nothing at all.


In templates, use the following:

    {{ dump(variable) }}

The variable can be a normal variable, a Record or multiple records of Content, or other stuff.


In your code you can also dump variables and objects, like this:

    use Symfony\Component\VarDumper\VarDumper;


Or, using the (global) shortcut:


Like above, the $variable can be a normal variable, an object or whatever.

Note that Bolt has built-in protection for when you're tyring to 'dump' Silex or Symfony objects like $app or a variable that's \Bolt\Application.

Since these would be too large to render because of internal references and recursion, they are not expanded further.

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