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Note: You are currently reading the documentation for Bolt 3.0. Looking for the documentation for Bolt 3.2 instead?

Marketplace » Visual Assets Best Practices

When you are ready to submit your Extension or Theme to the Bolt Marketplace it is recommended you have the following:


If you don't provide an Icon Bolt's default marketplace icon will be used


You should provide at least one screen shot for your Theme(s) and Extension(s).

General recommendations for both an extension and theme screenshots are:


Recommendations for your theme screenshots:


How To Take A Screenshot

Google Chrome

Chrome can take responsive image shots (not full screen without an extension) through their dev tools, here is how and click the top right 3 dotted overflow menu button and select capture screenshot.


Before Submission

After you have created your marketplace assets we ask that you optimize your images. For PNG or JPG images you can use

Example Composer Markup

Add the paths for your icons to your composer.json in the "extras" section.

The cropped screenshot (600px x 405px) should be the first screenshot in the bolt-screenshots array. Follow this up by adding in the screenshots you will supply.

How you decide to name them doesn't currently matter.

Here is an example.

 "extra": {
     "bolt-icon": "assets/icon.png",
     "bolt-screenshots": [

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