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Note: You are currently reading the documentation for Bolt 3.0. Looking for the documentation for Bolt 3.2 instead?

Field types » Slug field

This field will determine what "slug" or permalink is used for accessing the record on the frontend. When omitted, the slug will be automatically generated.

Tip: The slug is a special value that's used in the generation of the URL at which a page will be available on the website. It usually contains a variant of the title, that's been made suitable for indexing by search engines. Ideally, it is both semantic and human-readable. For example, if you have a page named "About our company", a good slug would be about-our-company.

Basic Configuration:

            type: slug
            uses: title

Example usage in templates:

The slug is not often used by itself, but rather as a part of a link. You can print the link to a record like this:

{{ }}

You can also just output the slug like this:

{{ record.slug }}


The field has one option to change the functionality of the field:

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